Design, Build and Installtion

Paragon Garden Studios is a family-run business that designs, builds and installs stunning and versatile garden studios/rooms. We created the company following our own experiences in property renovation and development.


We have developed six stunning garden room models, each available in two different specification ranges. All of our garden rooms can be built to fit your exact needs. These ranges and models are the result of extensive research and first-hand experience, and include a range of features that make the garden building practical and efficient. Any model can have the dual storage feature built in, with a discreet door and separate storage section, and rooms can be adapted to include extra features such as a shower room, kitchenette or extended deck.

Our rooms are available in a range of standard dimensions, but these can be adjusted to fit the space you have available.

Different finish styles of wood, doors, windows and lighting can be selected so that you can create the perfect garden room for you.


Each garden room is built at our workshop premises and every one is hand made to order.

We have experienced craftsmen that construct a high quality professional product, finished with care and attention to detail.

Panels are constructed at our premises and then transported to your home for installation.


Each Paragon Garden Studio typically takes approximately one to two weeks to install at your home, including plastering and internal finishes, dependant on the model and range of room.

We are experienced at installing at properties with challenging access, and ensure that our garden rooms are custom built in our workshop to accommodate this.

Because we travel anywhere in the UK, our installation team will stay in the locality for the duration of the installation, so that you can rely on a full day’s work.